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URL Shortener Service Using Redis

I have been following ‘Redis’ from sometime and got an opportunity to use it in one of the weekend projects (URL Shortner). I had a great experience using Redis in the project, so thought of writing a blog entry describing some aspect of the project to demonstrate a use case for Redis. The project was to build URL shortener web application. We want our URL shortner service to provide following functionalities:

Page Web Vs People Web

While browsing URL-Shortner’s website (awe.sm), I came across this presentation discussing how people-web(social-media driven web) is different from page-web (web 1.0). Its a very good presentation discussing attributes of people-web. Author also shares some statistics comparing search engines and social media sites as traffic drivers.

Deserialize a binary search tree from an inorder sequence

A friend of mine asked me about the ways a binary search tree (BST henceforth) could be transferred over the network. There are many ways to do so but I found one approach worth discussing here. BST can be serialized by storing the BST in pre-order or in-order sequence and then wired over the network and then reconstructed by deserializing the sequence. Deserialization from a pre-order sequence is pretty straight forward but deserializing a in-order sequence in to BST is worth a blog post, so I decided to post it here.

About me

Hey, there 🔗My name is Sunil Arora. More content coming soon!